In my blog I write about my soon upcoming trip as a volunteer worker for a monastery in the Himalayas. My choice of organization became "Little Lama org".

But I'm sure there are more aid organizations as are good choices. It all depends on where you have your heart, what you're passionate about. Where / who you want to help.

I have received a lot of readers at once to my page, and I'm sure the number of  readers will increase a lot more, once I'm in place and can describe my daily experiences, images, feelings and description of reality from a place that is least exploited of all (except Antarctica)

But as I said there are many people in the world who needs help, and if you work for someone else responsible good organization, contact me, so maybe we can spread even that further.

Another idea I have with my journey is to find great decor items, crafts from local manufacturers. I'm interior stylist and passionate about this subject. And on the way to help them spread their handicrafts & items to Europe, maybe even other parts of the world cos I have readers from all over the world. So if you have items you would like to spread knowledge of, or if you are you interested in buying beautiful, genuine craftsmanship, contact me.

Anne-Li Lindskog

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