About this blogg

So, this is one more blog that i start.
And how come the need of another blog may you ask.

Because this one will only reflect my desire to start a voluntary work.
The thought is nothing new, I always been thinking about different ways to help. I had a god child in in Colombia during the time I was living in Sweden. I paid to different organizations that build schools in Africa, water projects etc.

And lately I have been a bit concerned about the situation for the loving people in Tibet. I been supporting them, and tried to spread information about what is happening there.
But NOW I want to do something more. So I just made myself up.  I decided to go to Nepal and work as an English teacher for little lamas.  

And that’s why I now start this blog!

I will write about my hole journey, from when I took the decision, what I need to prepare, how I came up with the idea and about how it will be to totally change country and culture. –Again.
And my deepest hope is that I can spread light to more people that would like the help out.

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