How does it feel?

I am surly blessed, I have so many nice friends, family & people that are wishing me good luck, telling me, Anne-Li you have to take this or that with you, asking me for addresses & phone numbers  and /or giving me. More than half my time goes to that :)

 And most of them ask the same question: -How does it feel?

Honestly, I don´t feel, think or nothing, I just DO!!

Right now it feels my flat is like an hurricane (and i´m so pedantic) I have laundry all over, my bed is covered with possible clothes. And that seems to be my issue I have no idea what to wear!! Aaaghhhhhh... So now I need to keep on packing, than cleaning my whole flat cos I rent it out.

But tomorrow on the plane :) then I will know how it feels!

Carpe diem, catch the moment, and live every second in the present.

more or less 24 hours until I leave...

Barely 24 hours before I´ll leave my apartment to go to the airport! And I can say that I have not packed a single thing, yet. But my suitcase is lined up and just waiting to be packed. It should be quite concealing clothing,  no short shorts or tank tops only, it does not work on the monastery. I must cover legs, shoulders etc.. And to think of using jeans when its 30 degrees or more fells not that tempting...

Now I'll go out and get the last things on my "to do list", as well as arrange with extra keys to my apartment, buy all the medicine I was recommended to take with me. I also got the  advised to bring a kettle, its good to boil the water before drinking it.

Well well well, we'll see what happens, but I'm sure that if about 24 hours, I will be both hugely tagged and tired, so is ideal when to make a long flight of 22 hours.

Next blog will be written in Nepal guess hihihihi ....


only 4 days to take of....

My god, time is flying, but I´m also very exited to go, so its okay hihihi...

Now I been doing a lot of my must- do- list-before-GO

I took some UGLY passport photos yesterday hahaha, why on earth does this kind of pics always gets so ugly?

Never mind, they are done, ugly or not! They will work for my VISA anyway...

I also got so much answers about the questions I had on my mind about my trip, but the people in the Litttlelamas organization are so nice, helpful and kind!

I been talking to a teacher that was volunteering last autumn and she/he (its an Taiwan name, so I actually don´t know if it is a woman or man) recommend me to bring a water-boiler  to clean the water, so that I will go out and buy today.

I just must give you a quote from my last e-mail from this person as explains a bit about how it is: ...

...The little lamas are very respectful, thoughtful and very naive. You will feel comfortable being with them. Some of them can speak good English, but the younger lamas who haven't learn English yet, will just smile at you. They will be curious about you. Just speak to them no matter they understand or not and use body language to communicate with them. They will be curious about where you are from...

Yeah, in 4 days I'm on my way, and in 5 days I am there, so I will see for myself :) 

And right now I got a message from another person from the organisation that the Monastery have INTERNET :)

 Woohooo meaning I can be in contact with my friends&family and do my blog. Life is beautiful, don´t you think! 


Searching & finding information...

Now it¨s like 2 weeks left before my take of to Nepal! Woohoo

And I´m trying to get info about all necessary  preparations  I must do before I go.

this is what I found out:

Mar – May = good weather, tourist season, but not as busy as Fall.
Jun – Sep = rainy, and July & Aug. Monsoon. Not the best time to come. 

Okay, this is when I do go! So, no pasanada! Then I´w be there during the monsoon, so what :) Anyway, Now I know and It will be good.

Thribuvan Airport – Visas, Customs, and Transportation

The visa and customs are easy to get through, but you need to be a little prepared. Visas to Nepal are issued upon arrival; here is what you will need:
1) A pen to fill out the forms (there are none available in the airport).
2) Two passport size photos (bring plenty of spares as you will need these for trekking permit, visa extensions, and any other official document in Nepal.)
3) US dollars or convertible currency (15 days is $25; 90 days is $100).
4) Address and contact of where you will be staying.

Ok, then I have to get some photos, pen, and I need to get my address, cos that I still don´t have. 

Ant the people from the monastery will come and pick me up. So this is nothing to worry about, but good to know.

And then comes the toilette issue :) which is rather fun! When I told my flatmate about this she said:
 - Oh my god, that could make a "normal person" not to go!

Sorry, this is a lot of text, but rather funny (or scary if you want)

Toilet – This is the obvious next topic. Some Westerners will understandably never be able to break the toilet paper habit and totally go native, but here’s what to expect and what to do. 

In Nepal, when there is an actual toilet, it is usually a “squat” toilet, which if you think about it, is great because you avoid the issue of the dirty seat that no one wants to sit on anyway. So learn to love the squat toilet, it is your friend in Nepal. Beside the toilet, there is a bucket of water with a little pitcher hanging off the side. You are meant to fill the pitcher with water, pour it over your backside and wash yourself with your LEFT hand (never the right hand, that is the eating hand). Then you are supposed to wash your hands too. Remember to hold your hands over the toilet, and NOT the bucket. Most places will have a sink or tap with soap, somewhere nearby, so use that too to wash your hands – you can’t be too careful. If you want to use toilet paper, you need to bring it yourself and be prepared to dispose of it yourself if you are in a rural village. You can carry a plastic bag for trash, and then dispose of it at an appropriate location; ask if there is a place to burn trash. Remember, a lot of the rural villages have no plumbing or septic system, so where are you going to through all this paper? And NEVER throw feminine hygiene products in the toilets, just make yourself a durable trash bag, and get rid of the contents later. Trash is a big problem in Nepal, so if you can get used to the local way of using the toilet, then try, but if not, then just take care of your own trash. My recommendation is carry some anti-bacterial soap, and use if for this purpose. Keep your hands and nails really clean and you will not have a problem and you will actually be cleaner than the other way. Sorry, if this grosses anyone out, it is a reality that I felt I had to address. 

If you are on the bus or micro, you hold up your pinky finger and let the driver see to tell him you need to stop to urinate. On these stops, usually several people get off the bus and go. The men go right next to the road and don’t try to hide anything. The women try to go behind some bushes or what they can. This is normal. The sign for “long toilet” (defecation) is your thumb, but I have never seen anyone hold this up on the bus! But think twice about giving someone the “thumbs up” sign if they ask you if you are okay, or if you liked something. Sometimes your guides will say, “Do you need to do long toilet or short toilet?” Short toilet means urination. They are not embarrassed to talk about or ask about this. It’s just normal. So, you have been forewarned about the basic needs…

all of this info I found an this link:  Before I Came to Nepal, I Wish I Would Have Known..., Do's and Don'ts -- Scams & Jams to Avoid in Nepal its a westerner woman that wrote all info and so much more that I added here, and today she is married and lives in Nepal.  I just must say Thanks to her, cos this was so valuable for me!!

jajaja... now I have to keep on planing, fixing and prepare for this journey! 

Does it scare me of? No way!  I can do it, I will do it and Im looking forward to it :)


Food & Table Etiquette...

I am going to live my 3 month at the monastery and eat there as well, but I also want to do some travelling around, to see Kathmandu, and other places in Nepal. I don´t know my work schedule yet, but all will be as it is suppose to be :)

So now I have been searching a bit on the internet about the food, table Etiquette etc, just look at this, not so much different from other places i been to before, but, it´s good to know :)

Table Etiquette in Nepal

There are a few dining rules that visitors to Nepal should be aware of including:
  • It is considered taboo for non-Hindus to enter a Hindu kitchen.
  • It is considered bad manners to touch anyone else’s food in Nepal.
  • The local people use their left hand for cleaning themselves after the toilet so only the right hand is used for eating. It is also bad table etiquette to pass food to someone else using the left hand.
  • It is traditional for the Nepalese to eat two main meals of the day – one at about seven in the morning and one around eight in the evening.
  • In recent years the Nepalese have tended to snack more. They refer to this type of food as kha ja which translated means eat and run.

Dal Bhat is the National Dish of Nepal

Dal Bhat is the National Dish of Nepal

The nearest thing to a national dish in Nepal would be dal bhat. The basic ingredients of this are rice and lentil soup. Many Nepalese will eat dal bhat twice a day. There are many different versions of this meal, but the most popular is dal bhat tarkari which also comes with curried vegetables.

the info I found at volunteer Nepal


Is it a new positive" trend" on the rise?

Working as a volunteer is nothing new. Throughout the ages, people have become involved in volunteer work to help vulnerable people, places, etc. Many have worked in silence, and without the knowledge of the rest of the world.

But it seems like it's starting to be a change. For instance in Sweden, where people are very quick to adopt  to  "new trends", we can see this phenomena increase a lot. Sweden is among the five countries involved mostly with aid work. It has become more common to take a part of their holiday to do volunteer work.

While this information reaches me, Madonna (the strongest trend creator ever) post lots of info & pictures on her Facebook page, about her  school project she runs in Malawi.

I also see that I have many readers in this blog, so it is sure an interest increasing about this issue.

Is it just a coincidence?

Is it just because of the phenomena "that what we are focusing on, attracts more?

Or could it be that we have now entered "the Aquarian age", and that we are actually starting to wake up, open our hearts to our sisters & brothers and want to help make values ​​a better place?

No matter what the cause is, I hope it's here to stay!


The mountain is calling me

For quite some time, about 14 years, more or less, I visited a man who was a medium and healer. He told me back then, - Anne-Li, don+t you miss the mountains? In your previous life, you always sat and meditated on the mountain tops. (you can believe what you want about past lives / reincarnation etc.)

I replied:  - No, not at all! I'm afraid of heights and do not feel any attraction to mountains, rather fear.

And where am I going now?!
To the highest mountain of all - magical Himalayas

As I wrote in one of my earlier blogs,  heading off on this journey took me three seconds to decide. 24 hours before, I had no idea that I would make up my mind on this. But when the proposal came, I knew at once. This is what I want to do, must do, and have always yearned to do.

So I guess I am ready, and now the mountain is asking me to come....

picture from : http://www.facebook.com/nepal.the.8th.wonder/photos_stream

Do you want to help? It will make a different!

Dear friends, 

Please help sharing and spreading the news. 

There is immediate needs for fund raising of US$2300.00 to purchase 20 beds/20 sheets/20 blankets + 7 dinning tables and stationary/study aids for the use of 20 new students arrived end of year 2012 and early 2013 at Jonang Monastery Kathmandu Nepal.

Any amount will be helpful.

If you wish to help them or become a sponsor of a student , please e-mail: jonangktm.qs@gmail.com Thank you.



Booked my flight to Kathmandu...

I just purchased my flight to Kathmandu! Woohooo!! Now it feels even more real!
and its only 20 days left before I jump on the plane and take of.

I´m super excited, and in the same time I realize I have so much to do, prepare.

But I done a lot of my "Must do List"

  1. All rental issues with my flat is solved. Great!
  2. Ticket and dates settled! Lovely!
  3. I been studding a bit about Nepal culture, art etc. Amazing!
  4. More or less solved my money issues. Puhhh!
  5. Health care, will be on Monday! Perfect!
  6. Pass port ( visa not yet, but that will be handle on the airport, just need to double check so that is the right fact)

Now I only need to get all info about dress codes for the monastery, rules, what I need to bring etc.. It will  be rain season when I go, so what does that mean? What do I need to pack? Rain boots vs flip flops? And one more important thing: The address :) hahaha... I don´t have it,(they will pick me up in the airport, bless them) and it was actually my mother how asked me about the address.

Anyway, May 2, I go and will arrive May 3, and stay for 3 month. This time :)


Getting closer to take of...

I just checked my agenda, its more or less only 2 weeks until I go!!!!!! OMG, time is flying. But I'm so exited and welcome the "take of day" :)

So how does it feels when the plan of tomorrow soon will became NOW?
Fabulously, fun, right, and amazing!!! Nervous? No! Nothing yet, but it maybe ill come later on...

Now I'm trying to look at all picture that the organisation is publishing, by that I can follow the process and work they do, and now I want to share some of them with you (soon I will be able to take my own hihihihihi)

Morning pray of Jonang Monastery at new school Pharing -- the construction is still going on. The field is wide but will be very muddy during Monsoon season. Rain starts April - Sept. each year.

Ok, so this is were I will be, the school that is not ready yet.

Outdoor debating class at Pharping new school site -- Jonang Monastery Kathmandu Nepal.

Enjoy a simple but rich breakfast at new dinning room of Pharping new school -- Student monks of Jonang Monastery.

Do you want to se more pictures and info, go in on http://www.facebook.com/thelittlelamas?fref=ts 


I am going to the Goddess of the Universe

Nepalese call Himalaya "Samgarmatha", that means " Goddess of the universe" or "Forehead of the sky".

So beautiful, and I am going to the Goddess of the Universe!!! :)

Interesting Facts and Statistics on The Himalayan Mountains – An infographic by the team at Shakti Himalaya

Thansks to  ShaktiHimalaya for great info!


Pure happiness...

When you ask people how they define "success", you often gets answers as:
-rich / good job / house / different possessions /price trophies, etc.

But many forget the most important of all, perhaps the goal of our life: - To be happy, to share joy with others and so on.

It does not matter how much money / possessions you have, it's not the key to get  inner peace and true joy. When we are listening to our inner voice and follow it, I think we will find our true joy, whether you are rich or poor (in money and possessions)

Just look at those happy kids :) So much happiness and joy! And I am the lucky one that will be able to be 3 month in this wonderful environmental! With so much smiles, and happy eyes.

My mission was to go there and help! But the closer it comes the the travel day, I feel more end more sure that this 3 month voluntary work will change me as well, as a "positive side effect".

I feel blessed!

Are you a "warrior of light" too?