The Himalayan Caravan project.

This is my other project I am working on. In November 2013 will 8 kids from Dolpo, a poor village high up in the Himalayas, get to opportunity to send 8 kids to Kathmandu for education. I am helping them to get funds, money for school, clothes, beds, blankets, books etc...


Do you too wanna help? 


Home on the ridges of the Himalayas --

Where the 'littlelamas' come from.....
One of the poorest regions in the world with a life expectancy of 37.


Counting down..

In this area they have a saying for counting down. They count it in Momos. So now I have 4  Momos left to enjoy :)

I am enjoying every day. Some weeks ago I paniced to leave, now after some time, done some meditation, refleck about this 3 month etc I feel pretty good about.

Sad to leave, but fun to meet my friend, and later in august I´ll also go to Sweden to catch up time with my family. So I have lots of nice things in front of me..

I have been changing my room, now I live in another Monastery during the night, cos we have something called "Summer retreat" for 45 days in "my" monastery, and during this time, no women are allowed here during night time.

I meet some nice people during my visit here. I also got in contact with some nice school projects in this area. So do you wanna try to do some time as a volunteer teacher I have some to recommend. Besides my super great organisation "Little Lamas", I understand after talking with people I´m luck to get in contact wish such a great, genuine and warm hearted  organisation at the first shot! My heart will always tick for them, and all lovely kids here... ohhhhh I´ll miss them!

Right now I enjoy my last breakfast for this trip in Kathmandu. 

An in 30 min go back by bus to Pharping and the monastery. 
Friday I go back to beautiful Barcelona. 


Small help from many will make a change!

I'm now a member of  Dolfo komang Tulku foundation. 
They have a primary School in Dolpo but will now get a secondary education to 8 of the students in Kathmandu.  In november the new hostel for these 8 students must be ready.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Himalayan-Caravan-Hostel-In-kathmandu/152710938257181

You can see more about the project here. The rent for the rooms will be sponsored by CIDEN Foundation but they need a lot more. I sponsored them with a camera, and now racing money from Sweden to their first Lap top.  And with the help of the good hearted Swedes I'm sure they will have their computer this week.  But they need lots more.. Beds, blankets, pillows, note books, pens, clothes, shoes, medication, food, etc etc.. 
Are you interested to help with a donation? Even 10 euro will be a great help!!! Contact me or direct to: komangtulkufondation@gmail.com

I will now start to help them with their website as well. We can all help in different ways. 

Your help will make a different!! And in my opinion all kids should have right to an education! 

Lots of love & light...  


The streets of Kathmandu

I am in Katmandu again. I have 4 days of, a nice surprise cos I didn't had any extra free days before. 

 Yesterday the streets were so muddy and dirty when I arrived. And my flip flops got so slippery'n dirty as well as my feet so I had to jump in to a bathroom to watch both shoes as feet...
But after 2 min walk it was the same again :)
And I think it's time for this ones  to 'pas away'. This is after I tried to clean them in my hotel, but they will never be white again. 


Time is flying...

...to fast.
I can´t believe I have less than 2 weeks more to go!!! uhhhhhh.....

And one week ago Miss Lee left the monastery, this amazing warmhearted funny lady, was only here for some weeks, but I really liked her, and she will be missed of many.

So I want to honor her for her kindness and dedication for all in the monastery with some pictures.

 Teaching Chinese and math...

 Out for a stroll in Kathmandu...
 Dinner at another teacher at the Monastery, Shyam, and his so lovely family! 
 Project work...
 The good bye....

The students waving Good Bye, the smallest once screamed: -See yo tomorrow! :)

Thanks sweet Miss Lee!!! See you again, if that is suppose to happened..


Dear teacher...

...this one for you.

From day to day, I get some drawings and small messages from the students in the monastery. It is always so nice: I guess we all get happy when someone shares a good word with us. And it is neither less worthy if the person can or cannot draw, write good or not, it is the taught, and time they put into it that counts.

but this one I really wanna share with you, cos it is both well drawn, and so nice thoughts behind the messages. 

Lotus denotes the freedom from all the stains of non - virtues of tree, body, speech and mind Blooming of hundred pedals of all white virtues and fine production of the essence of honey and ultimate happiness: Liberation.

Sincerly, your student Sherab Gyamtso

Thank you!
I am very grateful for your help.
Teacher, I will never forget your kindness.

Best wishes for you.


Awesome Nepal...

Today I went to Kathmandu early, cos I had no lessons. And I was gonna meet up to see Pashupatinath Temple and their morning ceremonies. Here the Hindus burn the dead and send the ashes out on the river.
Here we start before 6 in the morning..,
In Kathmandu, ladies selling Tea on the street.,,
The day was rainy to start with, this is outside the temple, do you see the monkeys claiming in the wires :)

Breakfast today was hot curry, fried bread and some sweet after...

Yeah, this huge bull walked around in the area..,

And some smaller cuter ones as well..,

Woman in their colourful clothes, it feels like I am walking around in a film.,

Double working women..

After that I went in to town again ;)

 Today I got som blessings of a Hindu man, fist he pored water over me, then I got this ribbons on my wrist. Then he wanted to paint my forehead, but there I stayed NO thanks,  so next step was to throw flower over me ;) I liked that. In Thamel I found a book store with lots of English books, and there I found some about Tibetan wisdoms. I'm mixing all, exactly as Nepal is - a mix that goes hand in hand, with lots of respect for different believes. I love it!! 


Time is flying...

... and as soon I reach half time in my journeys it start to go so fast. So sometimes I have hard to live in the moment. I am thinking about how it will be to come home, to leave this Monastery and all the kids behind....uhh...

LittlesLamas at our front yard, with Himalayas and the monsoon in the background 

Local bus to Kathmandu

I don´t know, but it feels like it is so near to go to Barcelona from here, but more far away to go from Barcelona to Nepal again...
Cow all over the place in Kathmandu...

Ahh you hear, I'm in the future with my thoughts... So STOP , here and now!!!

Last weekend I was i Kathmandu,  I found a new super great hotel, low rate, perfect situated,
My hotell is on Freak Street,as is next to  and Durbar Square 
 a great roof terrace
Great breakfast at the roof terrace, Nepali tea, fruit salad and more goodies... 
 with a view over Kathmandu valley... So tomorrow Ill go back again.
View from the old Palace on Durbar Square
Hanging out on Durbar Square, as in an World Heritage Site

Candles, coconuts, flowers... you can buy all the holy things you need here... 


I had a dream to go to Ganges, were she starts... But everybody tells me it is impossible this time of year... So we will see how i best use my last month here... I have some ideas :)
beautiful handcraft in the old Palace

Amazingly Kathmandu!!! 

By the way, last week I got a roomie, A Taiwanese woman that lives in US, she is here teaching for 2,5 week only, and we share room. She been here before, and she is a Buddhist so I get a lot of answers from her. She is very goodhearted and funny, giggling all the time, so sometimes we laugh so much so maybe the Abbott that lives in the room next to us, want to throw us out hihihih... But nice with a roomie after 2 month without any fluently English talking person in the monastery :)
Bus back home, see the police van.. :)


time for rice planting...

Right now, all around the monastery are the activity high out on the fields, its time to plant the rice.,,

 ...here are the plants, just waiting to come down into the water....
... mostly women work on the fields, barefoot in the water...
 The plateau plantations are  now filled with water after all the  heavy rain, so perfect time for planting ..

I am so amazed, that i walk around here, and live here, and can see all this beauty right outside my door!!! 


Help where you are!

You don't have to cross the glob to help, as  I did! Do it where you are. All countries / cities have poverty / homeless / stray dogs/cats, etc... People & animals  that may need a bit help!

And some "helper" don`t trust the huge organisations, that keep most of the money for themselves etc... But there are so many goodhearted people out there, that want to help, but don´t know how!!!

I just found out about this group, A Packet Of Rice
A mini project with a thought to distribute meal box to low income needy residents and senior citizens in Singapore. So please,  read about how they started, and see what you can do,  Talk to you friends, neighbors, family, school, work etc  Inspired them to help the ones that need a helping hand. We can all make a different!  

So, why don't you get inspired of this example, and create something in your neighborhood?? 
Be a self initiated volunteer you too. 


Outside my widow...

Early this morning was full activity outside my window. The Monsoon started for real! WOW, our whole front yard is overflowing! And it´s threatening to enter the building.
 Everybody are up, looking at the mess the rain is creating... But I´m lucky, I can stand in my room and take my photos...
 The smallest ones are most fascinated of all the frogs that starts to pop up... hmmm... I don´t want frogs in my room. I have a huge gape under my door, and this is 50 -60 cm from it... And I remember from Thailand when that happened..
 It´s a dirty work, but some has to do it...
 and all do, without complainings. It´s very near that the water flow over...
The guys were working hard, fast and energetic. After a while they were able to concur the water masses...
 Look at the sky... wow... I guess we will have a couple of month of this now...hm... This is only the beginning...
 ...everybody were soaking wet, from top to toe... (I don´t even wanna think about what this can do with the health and fever that started here)
 Dancing in the rain :) when the water was beaten ( for now anyway) everybody started to play and have fun instead :)
And right now....... activity stopped, the rain lost a bit of its intense & power... and outside my room is silence... But the water made huge holes in the ground... that must be taken care of, otherwise we will have real problems.